Named GP

When you request to register with the practice, and you are accepted, you will be assigned to a particular doctor according to which doctor is registering patients that particular week. This helps to spread the workload evenly to avoid any undue pressure on any one Doctor. If you particularly wish to register with a named doctor, then please request this at the time of registration.

In certain circumstances it is possible to change doctors within the practice. This is done by writing to the practice manager, Mrs. Elaine Boardman, who will take the request to the weekly team meetings. If you have been registered for less than six months you have the right to change without written application.

The doctors do reserve the right, however, to decline accepting you as a patient. If you are on regular medication please bring it with you the first time you see the doctor and any other information you might have which might be useful for the doctor.

All patients in the practice are registered with a named GP. New patients are informed when registering who their GP will be. All other patients have a personal doctor. If you are not sure who this is please ask a member of the admin team. If you are not happy with the decision please inform the Practice Manager. We will do our best, workflow permitting, to accommodate your requests.

Similarly all patients aged 75+ are written to to advise who their doctor is.